Every boating brand knows that they would be nothing without their family members around the world. This inspired us to start a series of short stories to give you an idea of all the amazing resellers we are working together with around the year. First up is our family member from Sweden, Seacastle’s CEO Fredrik Sjöborg who will give some thoughts on Saxdor . We hope you like it, or should we say “vi hoppas att du gillar den”. 

The Seacastle AB team

About Seacastle AB:

Seacastle AB was found in 2007, the company is operating in Stockholm and Gothenburg, Sweden. The Sea Castle team consists of 14 team members working in the house including sales and boat maintenance services. Sea Castle differs from other shipyards by having competitive pricing including materials, working hours, and environmental fees. The company guarantees to deliver the best service to its customers. 

‘’Leaving the boat to us is both safe and easy for you as a customer. Our knowledgeable staff takes care of your boat during the darkest months of the year. We offer everything from recording, launching, washing, conservation, coverage, service, polishing, bottom painting, etc.’’ 

“Swedish boat enthusiasts are already on board” 

Fredrik Sjöborg knows that it takes time to build up a new brand among consumers, but he thinks that Sakari Mattila is already a well-known designer with his high reputation among boat enthusiasts in Sweden.

Fredrik Sjöborg – the CEO of Seacastle AB

Beyond expectations” 

Fredrik’s excitement is catching the interviewers when he continues to share his thoughts: We love the brand because of its dynamic and innovative design concept. For the first time in 10 years, of my entire career, I need to accelerate my capabilities to keep up with the change and production speed from Saxdor as our supplier.  

We are satisfied with our first order of the Saxdor 200 models. The second batch of the Saxdor 200 was beyond expectations in terms of the premium design and the technical quality. We are in close contact with Saxdor’s manufacturing team and got direct support from the manufacturing manager. Saxdor has constantly been improving their design and is also visible to the consumers, that motivates us to be productive and always be in the loop to keep up with the changes. 

Saxdor boat material is the best match to operate in Kyrkviksvarvet shipyard which is operated under the Seacastle brand. The full-service shipyard Kyrkviksvarvet is a modern and centrally located full-service shipyard on Lidingö since 1917. 

The full-service shipyard Kyrkviksvarvet is a modern and centrally located full-service shipyard on Lidingö since 1917

“Counting down days for the 320” 

Fredrik said that “We have never had this much interest in any model which only goes to show in sketch version like with Saxdor 320 models. We receive countless number of requests from our clients daily. And, we are counting down until the day comes when The Saxdor 320 boats appear in the Swedish marina”.  

Saxdor boats in the Seacastle’s shipyard

From Saxdor to Fredrik and the whole team: We are so happy to have you onboard!!

Visit Seacastle AB:


Seacastle AB Varvsvägen 1, 181 46 Lidingö, Sweden


Seacastle AB, Bjölavägen 15, 421 66 Västra Frölunda, Sweden