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Saxdor 270 GTO was designed using the Saxdor signature—the light and soft-riding twin-stepped hull—the Saxdor 270 GTO delivers speed performance and fuel efficiency well-known from the earlier models. Very deep V entry of the inverted bow reduces external impact, improving overall boat stability and enhancing the driving experience. Light and strong construction, built using vacuum infusion technique, gives you a watercraft that is trailable, and easy to launch and recover.


Fitted for one outboard 225 to 300hp engine, the Saxdor 270’s ergonomic design offers a surprisingly low fuel consumption. The sandwich construction of a two-stepped hull, used to reduce weight and ensure constructional stability, enhances the boat’s ability for smooth and easy driving. 


The 270 is the ultimate choice for sun lovers. With twin sunbeds–one in the front and one in the aft—you’ll have more than enough room under the sun to kick back and relax whenever needed. Once you’re done, the aft sunbed can be put back together and serve you as a dining settee.


Saxdor 270 GTO might be the only boat of its size on the market with a full-size wet bar, fresh water system, and a comfortable dining arrangement for up to six people. Hosting events has never been easier and your chic party remains protected with a yacht-style glass fence with gates mounted in front of the engine.


The large, airy front cabin is your next favorite hideout equipped with a two-person regular-size sleeping berth and plenty of natural light coming through skylight and hatches that optically enlarges the entire space. A sanitary corner with a toilet and an additional sink also fits in to make your mornings onboard hassle-free.


  • Overall length excluding engine8.45 m (27.7 ft)
  • Fresh water capacity80 l
  • Beam2.60 m (8.5 ft)
  • Grey water capacitynot available
  • Passengerscategory C – 7 persons
  • Black water capacity50 l
  • DisplacementTBV
  • ConstructionGRP, hull infused
  • Max. draught0.92 m ( 3ft 0.2204 in)
  • ClassificationISO Cat. C, NMMA
  • Fuel capacity300 l
  • Max. engine power300 hp
  • Max. speed range45 knots
  • Max. loadTBV


  • SX270 Limited edition with Mercury 225 V6 engine77 500 € + VAT
  • SX270 Limited edition with Mercury 250 V8 engine80 500 € + VAT
  • SX270 Limited edition with Mercury 300 V8 engine
    Due to current challenges in availability of the 300hp V8 engines, this option is not available to any new orders.Please refer to your dealer for options.
    83 800 € + VAT


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