The all-weather machine

The Saxdor 320 GTC drives like no other because of its refined, economic and performance-oriented hull design. A low center of gravity, low weight, sharp entry, and a twin stepped hull create a unique driving experience in all kinds of seas and weathers across the world. 


The Saxdor 320 GTC comes with three Mercury engine options, in the range of 300 hp to 600 hp. You can either choose the one-engine option with a competitive price and low fuel consumption and keep a comfortable driving experience, or you can choose the twin-engine option 2 x 225 hp or 2 x 300 hp – the Grand Tourismos of the seas.


Saxdor 320 GTC changes the game of movement on board. With its unique concept of a full beam spacious wheelhouse with easy access to the walk-around bow, movement onboard has never been this easy. Saxdor believes in the luxury of unused space


With a large and spacious wheelhouse people can easily walk through the wide corridor while you can prepare delicious servings and drinks for your family and friends at the same time. Silence is golden – the wheelhouse can be sound isolated with a floating floor, especially developed for the Saxdor 320 GTC model.


The lower deck is bursting with natural light thanks to the two big Lewmar hatches in the cabin roof. The hatches can be equipped with a sunshade and a mosquito net. The large and comfortable bed can be equipped with an ergonomic mattress base. The spacious toilet in the lower deck can be closed with a smart folding door. 


  • Beam3,10 m
  • Max load1950 kg
  • Overall Length10,28 m
  • Fresh water capacity117 liters
  • Passengers/categorycategory B 6 persons, category C 9 persons
  • Grey water capacity50 liters
  • Black water capacity55 liters
  • Max drought0,94 m (3.084 ft)
  • Diesel (for heater)25 liters
  • Fuel capacity428 liters
  • Classification ISOCat. C
  • Max speed range32 -45 kts
  • Max engine power700 hp
  • Construction GRP

Equipment & options

Superior torque from high-displacement V-6 powerhead

Lightest weight for maximum performance

Quicker acceleration from performance-inspired quad-cam design

Maximum fuel efficiency from Advanced Range Optimization and closed-loop fuel control

Ample torque from class-leading 4.6 L displacement V-8 powerhead

Superior hole shot and acceleration from Transient Spark technology

Range-maximizing fuel economy through Advanced Range Optimization calibration

Unrivaled noise and vibration mitigation from next-generation Advanced MidSection


    Due to current challenges in availability of the 300hp V8 engines, this option is not available to any new orders.
    Please refer to your dealer for options.
    123 080,00 € + VAT
  • SAXDOR 320 GTC + 2 X MERCURY V6 CMS 225145 790,00 € + VAT
  • SAXDOR 320 GTC + 2 X MERCURY V8 AMS 300
    Due to current challenges in availability of the 300hp V8 engines, this option is not available to any new orders.
    Please refer to your dealer for options.
    154 720,00 € + VAT
  • SAXDOR 320 GTC + MERCURY V8/L8 300/350 PRE-RIG
    Due to current challenges in availability of the 300hp V8 engines, this option is not available to any new orders.
    Please refer to your dealer for options.
    105 110,00 € + VAT
  • SAXDOR 320 GTC + 2 X MERCURY V6/L6 200/225/350 PRE-RIG110 550,00 € + VAT
  • SAXDOR 320 GTC + 2 X MERCURY V8 250/300 PRE-RIG
    Due to current challenges in availability of the 300hp V8 engines, this option is not available to any new orders.
    Please refer to your dealer for options.
    110 550,00 € + VAT
  • 3 x induvidual seats at drivers rowStandard
  • Upholstery “Sahara sand” (light GRAY with brown stitching)Standard
  • Gelcoat on deck and hull – White / GreyStandard
  • Kitchen moduleStandard
  • Electric opening side terracesStandard
  • Integrated handrails on deckStandard
  • Fixed side wings for easy side boardingStandard
  • Telescopic bathing ladderStandard
  • Hatches on front deck for easy accessStandard
  • 2 x Flush mounted hatchesStandard
  • IHandles and cleatsStandard
  • Quick fender release systemStandard
  • Anti-skid finishing on decks and hatchesStandard
  • Power steering with adjustable steering wheelStandard
  • Mercury VesselView MobileStandard
  • Mercury Active-TrimStandard
  • Wireless charging and 12V outletsStandard
  • LED Navigation lightsStandard
  • Bilge pumps, electric and manualStandard
  • Fixed fuel tank with sensorStandard
  • Fire extinguisher storage with fire portStandard
  • Extendable table with adjustible heightStandard
  • Comfort and reading lightsStandard
  • Front cabin comfort mattressesStandard
  • Carpets in front cabinStandard
  • LED interior lightsStandard
  • Toilet with sea water flush and black water tankStandard
  • Mirror in front cabinStandard
  • Front deck and wet bar cup holdersStandard
  • Leather steering wheelStandard
  • Cup holders in console and for passengersStandard
  • Glass holders on consoleStandard
  • Roof vents in front cabinStandard
  • HornStandard
  • Saxdor documentation bagStandard
  • “Smoked Orange” upholstery990,00 € + VAT
  • “Coffee with cream” upholstery ( dark beige with light stitching)990,00 € + VAT
  • “Cognac shoot” upholstery ( cognac with light stitching)990,00 € + VAT
  • Limited version “R”4 500,00 € + VAT
  • Deep gray940,00 € + VAT
  • Beige gray940,00 € + VAT
  • Joystick control (Mercury JPO) (only available with 2 x V8 engines)
    Bow thruster with dedicated battery (only available with 2 x V8 engines)
    19 860,00 € + VAT
  • Simrad InformationDisplay with 2 x 12 inch displays with a glass helm
    Audio package with a Fusion radio and 4 speakers
    Mercury VesselView integration
    Simrad Echosounder
    9 020,00 € + VAT
  • Simrad HALO20+ radar
    Simrad Autopilot (not with Mercury JPO – Autopilot included in JPO option)
    Simrad RS100 VHF
    Simrad sending and receiving AIS
    10 200,00 € + VAT
  • Fresh water system
    Electric toilet
    Gray and black water tanks
    3 875,00 € + VAT
  • Air conditioning 13BTU (Available only with twin engines)
    Shore Power (Available only with twin engines)
    Generator Replacement System (including Mastervolt 360Ah Lithium battery) (Available only with twin engines)
    Inverter and 230V / 120V power outlets (Available only with twin engines)
    24 900,00 € + VAT
  • Mooring equipment
    Mattree topper for front cabin and ergonomic mattress base
    Saxdor life jackets (4 pcs)
    1 740,00 € + VAT
  • Joystick Control (JPO) av. only with V8 engines (cannot be combined w. Twin engine package)17 360,00 € + VAT
  • Vessel View 502777,00 € + VAT
  • Mercury 1st Mate with anti-theft777,00 € + VAT
  • Automatic trim tabs1 795,00 € + VAT
  • Manual trim tabs975,00 € + VAT
  • Bow thruster (cannot be combined with Twin Engine Technology Package)3 760,00 € + VAT
  • Shore Power (US 120V with 25 Ah charger)3 240,00 € + VAT
  • Shore Power (EU 230 V with 25 Ah charger)2 615,00 € + VAT
  • Electric stove (available only with shore power or climate package option) – 230V1 070,00 € + VAT
  • Electric stove (available only with shore power or climate package option) – 120V1 070,00 € + VAT
  • Diesel stove (available only with heater option)2 140,00 € + VAT
  • Heater for front and main cabin (Webasto AT4000) (cannot be combined with climat package)3 790,00 € + VAT
  • Additional 360Ah battery for the Generator Replacement System (Only wit Power Package)8 310,00 € + VAT
  • Simrad HALO20+ radar (cannot be combined with Navigation Package)2 990,00 € + VAT
  • Simrad RS100 VHF (cannot be combined with Navigation Package)1 765,00 € + VAT
  • Simrad RS100 VHF-B with bidirectional AIS (cannot be combined with Navigation Package)2 575,00 € + VAT
  • Upgrade to advanced audio package with a enhanced Fusion radio, amplifier and 8 speakers. (Entertainment package have to be choosen)2 650,00 € + VAT
  • Water ski pole710,00 € + VAT
  • Deck and bathroom handheld bidet shower (av. only with toilet and fresh water package)620,00 € + VAT
  • Extra fridge in the main cabin1 460,00 € + VAT
  • Soft deck flooring5 620,00 € + VAT
  • Curtains in front cabin and mosquito nets890,00 € + VAT
  • Harbour covers including cover for front sofa, aft sofa and blinds for main cabin windows3 360,00 € + VAT
  • Front sunshade for stationary use955,00 € + VAT
  • Side glasses with opening windows4 960,00 € + VAT
  • Floating floor in the main cabin1 750,00 € + VAT
  • Sleeping solution in the main cabin1 230,00 € + VAT
  • Aft deck seating module with upholstery and teak table1 995,00 € + VAT
  • Front deck upholstery770,00 € + VAT
  • Fridge in the kitchen module1 740,00 € + VAT
  • Deck lights745,00 € + VAT
  • Main cabin floor lights620,00 € + VAT


We are proud to announce that the new Saxdor 320 GTC is the nominee of the highly acknowledged award “European Powerboat of the Year 2022”.  

The Jury of The European Powerboat of the Year rewards boats in five different size categories. The Saxdor 320 GTC is in the category Up to 14 meters.

The general criteria for the nomination are: workmanship, safety, driving behavior, design, distribution of space, and price-performance ratio.

The jury of the European Powerboat award is put together from test riders and editors-in-chief of nine European motorboat magazines. BOOTE (Germany), Båtmagasinet (Norway), BoatMag (Italy), Motorboot (Netherlands), MoteurBoat (France), Nautica y Yates (Spain), Neptune (France), Marina CH (Switzerland) and Yachtrevue (Austria).


Are you considering the purchase of Saxdor 320 GTC? Visit our Build Your Boat configurator to choose the options that suit you and contact your local Saxdor dealer to get a current price quote. If you can’t see a dealership in your location, choose the one nearest to you.

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